Youth Team

Valley Spokesmen Racing Team is excited to offer youth racing experiences to you and your family.

We offer a positive social environment where youth can learn and practice cycling skills for:

  • Mountain Biking

  • Cyclocross

  • Road Biking

Youth Team Practice:

We meet weekly at Sycamore Grove Park, Brushy Peak, or Independence Park for 1-1.5 hour practice. Parent participation is encouraged but not required.  For more information, please email us directly at

Meet our Coaches:

Head Coach Billy Clark:


Coach XXXX:

My coaching philosophy: "Its fun to ride fast, but the foundation of a team is built on fun and friendship. When you figure that out, the 'fast' will come naturally."

Coach Jonathan McKaskey:

"Its fun to ride fast, but no one starts there. The foundation of a team is built on fun and friendship. When we remember that, the 'fast' will come naturally."

SafeSport Youth Protection:


In accordance with USA Cycling guidelines, we practice "SafeSport". We require this youth protection training, and a background check, for the following individuals:

  • VSRT Executive Committee

  • Coaches

  • Parents of youth

  • Any other team member with direct regular contact with youth

It is important to us for everyone to understand these guidelines so we can all adhere to them. Any allegations of violations are taken seriously and will be dealt with according to SafeSport and applicable local/state/federal laws.


Learn more about SafeSport HERE.