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VSRT Livermore Bike Riding Routes

Over the years, VSRT has curated a handful of regular riding routes.  Additionally, many VSRT members ride with the local "Cycletrons" group of LLNL during the week.  The Cycletrons meet at Eastgate Dr. and Greenville and leave at 11:35 M-F. For more information on the Cycletrons group, see

Cycletrons Routes

Monday Route:


Tuesday Route (A-group):

Tuesday Route (B-group):

Wednesday Route (recovery):

Wednesday Route (not-so-recovery):


Thursday Route (A-group):

Thursday Route (B-group):


Friday Route (A-group):

Friday Route (B-group):

Once a year (typically a Friday in late October or early November), the Cycletrons ride a route comprising the 5 daily routes (sometimes modified) to total 100 miles in a day!

2018 Noon-Loops Century Route:

2017 Noon-Loops Century Route:

2016 Noon-Loops Century Route:

Here are some other routes you might like

Wente Vineyards Classic Road Race (1 lap):


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