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Team Rides

Group rides are back! 

  • Bi-weekly Saturday Ride

    • See VSRT Strava group: HERE

  • Weekly Thursday ride-

    • Thursday nights (when light permits)

    • Leave from Livermore Trek at 5:15 pm.

    • Sign up at VSBC ride calendar HERE

    • Or VSRT Strava group: HERE

For more details please check out our Strava page or contact us.

Cycletrons Rides

Many VSRT members ride with the local "Cycletrons" group of LLNL during the week.  The Cycletrons meet M-F at Eastgate Dr. and Greenville in Livermore, leaving at 11:35 (sharp!). For more information on the Cycletrons group, see


Monday:   LINK


Tuesday (A-group): LINK

Tuesday (B-group): LINK

Wednesday (recovery): LINK

Wednesday (not-so-recovery):  LINK

Wednesday (DIRT): LINK


Thursday (A-group): LINK

Thursday (B-group): LINK


Friday (A-group): LINK

Friday (B-group): LINK

Other Routes


Wente Vineyards Classic Road Race (1 lap):



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