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VSRTCX: Jim Lund Cyclocross - 2023

Rancho Los Mochos, Livermore, CA

Saturday, September 23, 2023


Join us for an exhilarating showdown at VSRTCX, brought to you by Valley Spokesmen Racing Team (VSRT) and Bicycle Club (VSBC). Get ready to sweat, grit your teeth, and push your limits in this one-of-a-kind cyclocross race held in the rugged Altamont Hills, south of Livermore, CA, at Rancho Los Mochos.

Embrace the Dusty Hellscape 

Prepare to brave the heat and conquer the dust. VSRTCX is renowned for its unique terrain, resembling a fiery crucible where only the toughest thrive. Leave your comfort zone behind and embrace the challenge head-on! Okay, you got us… it's actually quite lovely- with a little bit of every Bay area environment present on site due to the location in the Altamont Hills and unique geologic provenance 🤓.  The views from the new mountain bike trails are absolutely mint- and if you are lucky enough to make it up to the ridge line, go ahead and keep that view a secret- we need to earn that one.

Master the Manzanita Mayhem

Get ready to be engulfed by this mysterious manzanita forest. This thrilling section of the race course will test your skills and instincts as you zig-zag through the dense foliage. Lose yourself in the heart of this forest, but beware—don't get lost in the chaos!  Great changes for 2023 include better passing opportunities with wider lanes and choices of A vs. B lines (pre-riding on Friday afternoon is ok!!)

Race for a Cause

By participating in VSRTCX, you're supporting two vital initiatives. First, your race entry fee goes towards youth cycling development, empowering the next generation of riders of VSRT and Varsity Youth Cycling Club. Additionally, the proceeds contribute to ongoing trail building efforts at the venue, strongly supported by our club and team members- over 150 volunteer hours in 2023, so far. Feel the satisfaction of giving back to the cycling community- and also creating new community space.


Unleash Your Competitive Spirit

Experience the adrenaline rush of going handlebar-to-handlebar with fellow riders. VSRTCX attracts youth riders and beginner adults all the way to passionate enthusiasts and seasoned pros.  This creates a thrilling atmosphere of intense competition- but also strong camaraderie. Your biggest competition may be the course itself- do you have what it takes to win that contest?

Celebrate Life

In 2023 we are also celebrating the life of our long-time teammate and friend, and your long-time competitor, Jim Lund, who recently passed away. Through illnesses, he rode- and raced- harder than most of us could ever dream of. Come join us Friday riding the course and mountain bike trails, and join us at social hour Friday night to celebrate Jim.

Jim Lund Dirt Ride

Vibrant Community and Family Fun:

Beyond the fierce racing action, VSRTCX is a celebration for all. Enjoy a vibrant ambiance.  Camp with us Friday night, listen to music all day, watch the kids ride/race at noon, preview the mountain bike trails on Friday and all day Saturday. Bring your family and friends along to cheer you on as you conquer the course!

Registration is now open!

Secure your spot early! Visit our website at for more information, registration details, and the latest updates.  A Link to sign up as a volunteer can be found at registration page.

Don't miss your chance 

…to conquer the dusty hellscape, master the manzanita mayhem, and leave your mark on VSRTCX. Join Valley Spokesmen Racing Team for this unforgettable cyclocross adventure supporting youth cycling and trail building efforts. See you at the starting line!



Rancho Los Mochos (RLM) is a historic Boy Scout camp in the greater East-bay San Francisco Area.


RLM is located approximately the 14.9 miles south of Livermore along Mines road. The road is quite narrow in spots, twisty-turny, and is frequented by both cyclists and ranch trucks/trailers. PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY to and from the site.  Allow enough time for slow travel to the site. 

There is no cell phone service on-site. Plan accordingly.

Green Tent Icon
Green Tent Icon

Camping sites are available Friday 9/22.

                                 Camping is FREE- select the option on registration page.

  • You may camp in the parking area with camper van/overlander/tuck topper, but must remain in a single parking spot (limited parking!).

  • Camping check-in starts at 3pm Friday, September 22.

  • There are some options for \camping on site along the course. Inquire if interested.

  • NO FIRES.    NO SMOKING.    NO 'other' SMOKING.    NO PETS.

Course Description

Course Description

The 2023 course will share most of the same elements from 2022 (shown in video below).  The 2022 course was REALLY FUN but some changes will be made this year that further improve safety - and quality of-  the RACING.

For example-

  • The first lap will bypass the Archery area to mitigate a bunch-up and allow the race to spread out on the long climb.

  • Manzanita Mayhem will not be as tight throughout the length, to allow for better passing opportunities (and less torn jerseys)

  • Downhill section of course will take advantage of more natural terrain (more fun!) with less off-camber/high speed fire-road gravel turns. - it will be more fun AND you'll likely be able to ride it with less braking.

  • In honor of our recently passed teammate, Jim Lund, we will have a section of the course designated as "The Lund Line".  This will be a "A-Line" optional line, with all the fun Jim would expect from a cross course.

Course video below is 2022. We will update it to reflect the course changes... maybe...

Event Schedule

Event Schedule


  • 12-6pm              - Final course setup

  • 3 pm                  - Check-in for camping opens

  • 3pm - 8 pm       - CX course open for pre-ride AND MTB trails open for preview (bring your MTB!)

  • 6pm - 8 pm        - Social hour - at picnic area near pool.​ Join us for a free BBQ and ice cream social celebrating our recently fallen long-time friend, teammate, and pillar of the Bay Area Cyclocross community: Jim Lund.

  • 10:30pm           - Lights out... You're going to need the rest...


  • 7:30 am            - Registration & number pick-up opens.

  • 7 - 9 am            - Course open for pre-ride without restrictions.

  • 9 am - 3 pm     - Races! see race day schedule.

  • 11:30 am           - Kids ride on modified race loop near the main parking area. Strider-bikeable(-ish).

  • all-day              - Youth bike skills course open all day, located near parking area.

  • all-day              - MTB trails open for preview (bring your MTB!) *MUST* be off trail/off-site by 7 pm.

  • all-day              - MTB obstacle play area open all day- (bring your MTB).

  • 3:30-6              - Race cleanup.

Registration & Costs

Registration & Costs


In honor of our cyclocross advocate, Jim Lund,

VSRT is offering sponsored registration for ALL Juniors-aged racers.

Pre-registration:              (Before 9/22 at 9 a.m.)

  • Juniors Categories  - $0 - not a typo.

  • All others                 - $40

  • Second Race (all)    - $10.

    • (2nd race discount will auto-apply in cart if registering for both in same transaction)

  • FREE REG if volunteering for 4 hour shift. see volunteer link here:​

'Day-of' registration:       

     ... will be available at a higher cost.  Credit cards accepted.

     note:  Please help us out on race day by PRE-REGISTERING

  • Juniors Categories - $0,

  • All others                - $50

  • Second Race          - $20


  • Pre-Registration closes 9am on Friday, September 22.

  • Registration will be available the day of the race, at a higher cost.

  • Second race discount will be auto-applied in bikreg cart if both registrations performed in same transaction/site session.


Full refunds offered if you cannot attend due to illness (e.g. COVID, pneumonia, malinger).

     --DO NOT come to event with COVID symptoms, or other illness.

        If you are sick, PLEASE stay home and heal up for the next race!


For Age-based categories, use your age on Dec 31, 2023

         -i.e .like road-racing USAC method, not like USAC cyclocross method...

         .....this is not a 'USAC' CX race

BASP Series!

BASP series

VSRTCX is part of an amazing SEVEN-race series:     

Bay Area Super Prestige cyclocross series (BASP)


To participate and earn awards in the BASP series:

  • Register individually for each race.

  • To be also considered for BASP series points, thats all you need to do. Registering for one of the races will automatically enter you into the race series.

  • Out of the 7 races, your TOP 5 finishes will count towards BASP points.

  • Make sure you register for your same BASP category in each individual race!

  • For Age-based categories, use your age on Dec 31, 2023.

    • (all the series races are non-USAC, and all end before Dec 31).

See more information at



September 23

Livermore, CA

Screen Shot 2022-08-23 at 11.10.04 PM.png

Surf City CX (2 races!)

October 28 AND 29

Santa Cruz, CA

  • Surf City CX

Mare Island Pedal Fest

September 24

Vallejo, CA

  • Mare Island Pedal Fest


November TBD

Prunedale, CA

  • CCCX

Bariani Cross

October TBD

Dunnigan Hills, CA

  • Mare Island Pedal Fest
Screen Shot 2022-08-23 at 11.25.31 PM.png


December 3

San Mateo, CA

  • Infestation
Race Day Photos

Race Day Photos

Several High-Caliber Photographers plan on attending the race.

Jeffvs cowboy hat headshot.jpg

Jeff Vander Stucken Photography

  • Instagram @JeffVSPhoto
  • SmugMug
IMG_7876 2.jpeg


  • Instagram @Valley_Spokesmen_Racing_Team
  • Facebook   @vsracingteam
SeaBright Photography

Jason Rimmer:

SeaBright Photography

  • Smugmug site for SeaBright Photography
  • Instagram @seabrightphotography

Please email us with other links to photographers  and  great Instagram / Facebook posts we missed!!!

Tag us in social media using:



Race Day Results

Race Day Results

Results are available at Bear Adventures Timing Site HERE 

...and soon at

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • We try to hold ourselves, and all event participants, to high standards.

  • Bullying is not tolerated.

  • Social or physical intimidation is not tolerated.

  • Athletes may self-select the field/category that best fits with their gender identity or that they feel is most athletically and socially appropriate for competitive purposes.

  • In need of help?

    • Need help finding cycling equipment/gear?

    • Need help with race entry expen$e? (we've all been there!) 

    • Need help finding car-pool or ride? 

    • Need help finding resources for LGBTQ issues? 

    • Need help finding juniors racing resources?

    • Questions / comments / complaints regarding diversity, equity, or inclusion?

  • PLEASE don't hesitate to contact the NCNCA Riders Support / Diversity Equity, and Inclusion Committee:

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

VSRTCX  Code of Conduct (Freely cribbed from Cross Crusade):

The VSRTCX Code of Conduct is set out to provide a safe and accepting environment for all peoples to enjoy the sport of cyclocross.

We expect all participants, spectators, officials, staff, sponsors and other people associated with any VSRTCX event or activity to adhere to this code of conduct as a principle of being a steward of the sport and spirit of cyclocross. In the unfortunate event in which a violation of these codes of conduct occurs, please contact any VSRTCX Crew member or race official, or email, to ensure everyone feels welcome and safe at VSRTCX events.

Failure to adhere to the VSRTCX Code of Conduct may result in expulsion and future exclusion from VSRTCX events and activities.

Code of Conduct:

(a)  Be decent and kind to one another,  and treat each other with the same respect you would like to receive.

(b)  Follow all crew members’ and officials’ instructions without question or hesitation.

(c)  Have fun and participate well.

(d)  Be active in building and promoting the community of cyclocross.

Violations of the VSRTCX Code of Conduct:

(a)  Violation of rules established by NCNCA, USA Cycling, or other governing bodies of the VSRTCX events.

(b)  Discrimination or harassment of any type, including on the basis of race, color, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identification, political views, or national origin.

(c)  Any non-consensual physical or sexual contact or advance or other inappropriate sexually oriented behavior or threatening action directed towards any person. This includes, but is not limited to, physical, sexual, verbal or emotional abuse of any person attending a VSRTCX event.

(d)  Any act of fraud, deception, or dishonesty in connection with any VSRTCX-related activity.

(e)  Providing alcohol to a person under 21 years of age or the consumption of alcohol by a person under 21 years of age.

(f)  The illegal possession, use or dissemination of drugs or any controlled substances.

(g)  Excessive alcoholic or drug consumption while at VSRTCX events.

(h)  Any obscene language or gesture, or other threatening language or conduct directed towards any person at VSRTCX event.

(i)  Any intentional damage to or theft of private or public property while at a VSRTCX event.

(j)  Public urination, indecent exposure or any similar inappropriate public display or conduct.



Medical help will be provided onsite by MedicsPlus, a professional event EMT service based in Modesto.  They will have a medical tent and non-transport ambulance for on-site minor injury treatment.


Ambulance transport services, if needed, will be through Alameda County Fire.

The Closest Urgent Care and Hospitals are:

  • Stanford Health Urgent Care walk-in clinic -               1111 E Stanley Blvd, Livermore, CA 94550

  • Stanford Health Valley Care Emergency Room -        5555 W Las Positas Blvd, Pleasanton, CA 94588

  • San Ramon Regional Med Emergency Room-            6001 Norris Canyon Road, San Ramon, CA 94583

  • Kaiser Permanente Walnut Cr. Emergency Room-     1425 S Main St, Walnut Creek, CA 94596


Please familiarize yourself with your preferred medical care center in case you need treatment.

Maps with these addresses will be available on-site at the medical tent area, but are for informational purposes only- not endorsements.


Please do not come to the event. 

If you cannot attend due to illness, we will refund your race entry.

BE PREPARED with extra ice and water, maybe a cooling towel or misting fan.

IF you see someone that is exhibiting signs of medical issues, please talk with a VSRTCX volunteer and get them checked out with the EMT! That is why EMT are here a the event. PLEASE use them.

  • I heard there are mountain bike trails here, too... whats up?
    Rancho Los Mochos is home to a small network of still-in-development mountain bike trails. The trails were started by the Boy Scouts staff- the same amazing folks that brought us the trails at Wente Scout camp, where BikeMonkey hosts Wente 8-hr MTB race. Some trails will be open for 'preview ride' on Friday 9/22 and on Saturday during the race day. Maps will be available at the venue. Mountain bikes are necessary- please don't ride the mtb trails on your cx bike. VSRT has been helping with these trails long-term as a service to the community. We host frequent 'dig-days'- be on the lookout on Facebook and Instagram for dig-day dates if you want to help!
    For the most part, we leave it up to you to choose which class you should race in. Generally, “C”= Beginner; “B”= Intermediate; “A”= Expert We leave it up to you to choose which class best fits your ability. But, if you were hitting the podium in your “C” or "B” races last season, it is probably time to race in a harder class. When in doubt, “race up”, and sign up for the more difficult race.
    Nope, no license required! Unfortunately, the structure USAC mandates for sanctioned races do not fit with the BASP Race Series of which this race is a part. No BASP series race will be a USAC race in 2022.
    Cyclocross bikes are uniquely designed for the sport; a good cyclocross bike can definitely help improve your lap times, and make racing and riding that much more enjoyable. Having a cyclocross bike to race can be helpful, but it is not required to participate in VSRTCX and the BASP series! Racing on a mountain bike is fine in most categories. For most categories, you can use *almost any type of bike. The course is almost entirely dirt, consisting of a mixture of hardpack and loose-over-hard with the occasional small patch of old asphalt. Cyclocross bikes will be best suited as this sort of event is what they are made for! However, any off-road inclined bike will do well on this tight, technical course. Slick road tires are not appropriate. Your best bet is a rigid or semi rigid bike running tires with a dense center tread for good rolling resistance on the hardpack and more spaced-out outer tread for cornering in loose, dry conditions. Here’s the rundown: For Pro, A, Open, Masters A, Singlespeed categories, · bike tire width should be 40mm or less For all categories, · flat bars are allowed without bar ends. · No forward facing bars. · No spiked or studded tires. · No power assist
    There should be sufficient time between races for a quick warm up and pre-ride, but, yes, you may pre-ride the course during another race. However: While pre-riding/warming up on course you must not interfere with racers on-course— Move completely out of the way of other racers. Do not pass racers on course. Do not block racers on course. Do not assist other racers (e.g. advising, providing draft, riding ahead to show the good lines, etc.) Do not provide draft. Interfering in another race- intentionally or not- will disqualify you from your race. If you are assisting another racer, it may also disqualify them from their race... Do not start pre-riding near the time another race starts, and always use the pre-ride exit before the finish line and entrance after the finish line. Our timing officials already have a hard job, let's not make it harder!
    For VSRTCX and all the BASP series races, the 2023 season, your age is how old you will be on December 31, 2023. This will assure everyone remains eligible for the same categories through the BASP series.
    Cost of a second race: Pre-registering or second race: $20 registering for second race on day of event: $25 Same cost for juniors and adults.
    Racers are allowed to zip-tie the shifter of a geared bike and race in a single speed category. If a racer switches bikes, or changes a rear wheel during the race, the gear ratio of the new bike(s) must be the same as the original bike. If we find out that any single speed rider changed gear ratios during the race or changed to a geared bike… DQ.
  • Some of your instagram video showed the course using mountain bikes... is it really that rough?
    It is a lot smoother than it looks. Its a solid **Cyclocross** course. A cyclocross bike will perform best. It is all rideable by cyclocross bike, by all skill levels. No, the jump off the stairs in the 2022 video is NOT in the course. It will be taped/fenced-off... probably... ;-) Yes, we might do another video in Full DH MTB gear and a E-bike just to make you mad.
  • Can I bring my dog?
    No. This is a venue policy. Your beloved pets must stay at home.
  • Are there prizes?
    Podiums will be 1-3 place for adult categories and 1-5 place for juniors categories. Medals for podium 1-3 place. Men and Women Pro A category winners get equal cash prizes P1=$75 P2=$50, P3=$25
  • How is this race being timed?
    We are using RFID timing chips that are affixed to a number plate. The number plate will be attached to your front drop-bars. Note, if you need to change to your pit bike, you will need to move your race number over as well...
Where Do I Start ?!

Cylcocross... Where do I start?

​Cyclocross is an inclusive atmosphere.  Whatever your skill level, you're going to have fun and feel welcome.

We follow the tenants below--

"Run What You Brung"

There is 'proper' equipment, but there is no 'RIGHT' equipment for most categories.  in the beginning categories, you will see fancy cyclocross race bikes, but you will also see hard-tail and full-suspension mountain bikes, wal-mart bikes, and possibly a unicycle or tandem bike... if you have a bike that will travel off-road safely, you can bring it! (mountain bikes and cyclocross bikes are ok, road bike with skinny smooth tires may not work).  In the Pro and A categories, there are restrictions. See FAQ "do i need a cyclocross bike"

"Come As You Are"

You don't need a fancy cyclocross lycra suit to race. Cyclocross racers come with a wide swath of cycling culture. There may be fancy race clothing on one racer, cut-off jeans and no shirt, with tennis shoes on another, or perhaps a chicken costume on the next rider... come dress as you feel comfortable and will be safe on the bike.

"Race your Race"

If you are a new inexperienced racer, you should register for the "C" category (beginners).


If you have a number of cyclocross races under your belt, or are starting cyclocross racing but are a very strong road or mountain bike racer, mayyyyyyybe consider registering for a "B" race.  Definitiely if you were hitting podiums in the "C" or "B" races, race up a category this year!

... Either way, we (mostly) wont stop you from registering in a category-- but know that obvious sandbagging will likely be mercilessly heckled by the crowd. (i.e. if you are really fast, but registered for a beginner category, people will jokingly tease you in order to encourage you to race in a higher category next time...)

Unless you are a true beginner, when in doubt, we recommend to race "up" a category.


One of the GREAT things about cyclocross is that you may not be winning the race and battling for first place, but you'll always be battling against yourself.  Race your race-- work on your own fitness, technique during the race, and you're going to have fun. You'll find that people passing you are polite and usually encouraging.

More Tips:

For more tips and general information about cyclocross racing, see some of the helpful links below:

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