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at Rowell Ranch


Looking for 2022 CX race?  CLICK HERE

In 2019, VSRT brought Cyclocross back to the East Bay!!!

In 2021 We did it again at a classic venue- Rowell Ranch in Castro Valley.

This race kicked off the return of the "Bay Area Super Prestige" 4-race series.  Learn more at

Date: Saturday, September 25, 2021

Saturday September 25 Rowell Ranch - Castro Valley_20210822.png


  • Registration open at bikereg now!

    • *Closes at 11:59PM on Wednesday 9/22

    • We are planning to have PRE-REG ONLY in order to best accommodate COVID protocols. Please help us do this by registering soon!

  • On race day, "number pick up" at registration tent opens at 7:30 a.m.​

  • Athletes may self-select the field/category that best fits with their gender identity or that they feel is most athletically and socially appropriate for competitive purposes.


COVID protocols

  • #1 - You MUST self check your health before race day.


      • you currently have covid, or recently had Covid and have not received a negative test result yet.

      • you have a fever

      • you have symptoms of COVID

      • you have been in direct contact with someone who has COVID.

    • We WILL refund your registration if you do not come to race due to COVID symptoms/exposure.

      • We'll probably even send a thank you card.​​​

  • Although we are outdoors, we are asking that everyone use masks where social distancing is not possible.  Specifically, masks are required at:

    • Registration tent

    • Results area

    • Staging area for race start , up to just moments before start.

    • Kids bike area (balance bike area) when children present.


    • We are all coming to the race with varying levels of comfort amidst a pandemic...​

    • If someone is near you and asks you to put on a mask, please accommodate.

Course Description

  • VSRT, in collaboration with renowned course designer Dan English (Rock Lobster Cycles), has engineered a legit CX race course at this historic park. 

  • Dan most notably designed the 2019 VSRT cyclocross course at our Las Positas College Venue, where he transformed a “Hot Dusty Hellscape” to provide a great mix of:

    • technical features,

    • leg opening straightaways,

    • lung searing climbs,

    • Loose, dusty descents that Cyclocross Magazine compared to the hallowed grounds of “Zonhoven”, Belgium

    • and (most importantlymiles of smiles!!!

Course Description
  • We hope to have a course video on website before race day. In the meantime, expect dry, hard, packed dead grass, some gravel, twists and turns, just the right amount of elevation change including a legit run up, a challenging descent or two, a fast dirt road section and a soft soft rodeo arena. What more could you ask for?!


  • "Number pick up" at registration tent opens at 7:30 on race day.​

  • FREE Balance Bike / skills area for kids: open 8am - 2:30pm.

    • bring your bike and helmet or use one of our loaners.)

  • FREE kids race on modified course at 12:00pm (15-20 min)​​


Links to Photos

Valley Spokesmen Racing Team   INSTAGRAM. !!!

See #VSRTCX on instagram-

        "bookmarked Posts",  "highlighted Stories",  low-budget "IGTV" race footage ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Jeff Vander Stucken     -     SMUGMUG     INSTAGRAM

Palma Photography.     -     SMUGMUG      INSTAGRAM

Drew Ardary                  -                           INSTAGRAM

rnhigashi                       -                           INSTAGRAM

Please email us with other links to photographers  AND  great Instagram / Facebook posts we missed!!!





Series (BASP) Standings: 

If you want your VSRTCX race results to count towards the overall 5 race BASP series, you must sign up at!!!



VSRTCX at Rowell Ranch Race results:

available here below,

AND results have been submitted to for posting.

Results are available as:

1) Summary - placings only.

2) Detailed- individual rider lap times, in order of placing.

Group 1 at 9:00AM:         Summary   or    Detailed

  • Junior Women 10-14

  • Junior Men 10-14

  • Junior Women 15-18

  • Junior Men 15-18

  • "C" Men

Group 2 at 10:00AM:         Summary   or    Detailed

  • "B" Men

  • Master "B" Men 35+

  • Master "B" Men 45+

  • Master B Men 55+

Group 3 at 11:00AM:         Summary   or    Detailed

  • Master "A" Men 35+

  • Master "A" Men 45+

  • Master "A" Men 55+

  • Master Men 60+ (open)

Group 4 at 12:30 PM:         Summary   or    Detailed

  • "C" Women

  • "B" Women

  • Master Women 35+

  • Master Women 45+

  • Master Women 55+

  • A / Pro Women

  • Women Tracklocross

  • Women Single Speed

Group 1 at 1:30 PM:         Summary   or    Detailed

  • A / Pro Men

  • Men Single Speed

  • Men Tracklocross


BASP84 Series

This race kicks off the 2021 Bay Area Super Prestige 4-race series.


For more information, see

Race #1.........VSRTCX at Rowell Ranch.......Castro Valley.......................Sept 25

Race #2/3....Rock Lobster- Surf City..........Santa Cruz..........................Oct 30-31

Race #4........CCCX..........................................Prunedale...........................Nov 21

Race #5........Roaring Mouse- Infestation...Stafford Lake.....................Dec 5

Race Sponsors

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Race Sponsors
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