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VSRTCX **Changes** - in honor of Jim Lund

In honor of our long-time friend and teammate, who recently passed away- and who was a stalwart advocate for cyclocross- VSRTCX is making a few changes for 2023!

1) "VSRTCX" is now "VSRTCX: Jim Lund Cyclocross". (...long-term name TBD)

2) We have sponsored FREE registration for ALL JUNIOR-AGED RACERS. #MoreKidsOnBikes

3) An optional section of course designated as "The Lund Line", will feature all the things that made Jim love cyclocross.

4) Friday night social hour will be a BBQ gathering celebrating Jim! Come enjoy some BBQ (Yes, there are veggie/vegan options- No, they aren't just soggy broccoli), ice cream, music, games, bike shenanigans.

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