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Chris' Epic Ride! Oregon->Mexico: Pre-ride and Day 1 Report

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Christopher Roberston, our newest racer, is riding from Astoria, Oregon to the Mexico Border!!!

Follow along to see updates!

See This blog, which will copy posts from Chris's Instagram


What’s up guys, I just boarded my @amtrak train! We departed from Oakland’s Jack London Square, tomorrow afternoon I’ll arrive at Portland’s Union Station.

This weekend I’ll start my bicycle journey from Astoria, Oregon to the Mexican Border. The GPS route has me covering 1,420 miles…YES…1,420 miles!

I plan to stop at @crossfit_1811 and @del_norte_crossfit while I’m riding down the Oregon Coast. I’m excited for the rain, mountains, rain, winds, rain, very cold weather and more rain.

I appreciate everyone for following my journey, your thoughts and prayers will keep me company while I ride alone. I’ll update as much as possible, without losing travel time.

Take care everyone, I’ll see you on the other side of 2022!

Good morning my friends! I’m still on the @amtrak train but I am in Oregon! Looks like I’ll be pulling into my destination later this afternoon.

Here’s a few words for someone that may need them. Especially if you feel, your best days are behind you.

Please stay resilient with what you believe can be. Apply all the wisdom from each of your heartaches and keep digging in, like the 20 year old you would do. With experience on your side and a youthful spirit in your heart, you should conquer each of your goals.

It’s okay to be discouraged but don’t be disconnected, and most importantly, don’t give up. You’re never too old to feel alive, valuable, purposeful, resourceful and helpful to others.

I’d like to see you succeed.


Hello friends, the countdown starts now! I’m so excited for this opportunity, that I didn’t sleep on the overnight train. I’ve come from Oakland, Ca and I’ve just arrived in Portland, Oregon.

I have a quick layover while I wait for my bus ride to Astoria, Oregon. I’ll find a place to eat, and a place to shower & sleep for the night.

Tomorrow morning, my journey begins. Astoria, Oregon to the Mexican Border! 1,420 Miles on bicycle.

Thank you all for following along!


Day 1 - Astoria, Oregon to Mexico

It’s 6am, I’m checking out of my hotel room and starting my day! See you soon everyone, I’ll catch up with your comments in six hours.

Always believe, your best days are in front of you! Thank you all for following along and whenever possible, check out @workerstavern in Astoria Oregon.


Hola Mi Amigos Y Womigas!

So far so good! I pulled over for some breakfast and was offered some free wine by Frank, he’s the owner of the local wineries. I don’t know about drinking and riding tho!

Thanks to The Bunkhouse Restaurant because your waitress wore some very expensive perfume, lololol. Had me looking around, like “who’s grandma is this?” Coming to work smelling like a million bucks!!

Ok guys back on the rode I go!

Always believe, your best days are in front of you! Thank you all for following along.


Good evening friends! Coach Chris with another update.

Day 1 is in the books but my heart is heavy, today I made a costly mistake. For about 15 minutes my phone/gps had no service and while I wasn’t paying attention to highway signs, I made a right turn that took me 30 miles in the wrong direction. As heartbreaking as this feels, I have to bounce back tomorrow.

I ended my day with 95 miles and booked a hotel room.

Oregon is cold, Oregon is unforgiving to newbies lol. If you have arthritis, stay away from Oregon…”cuz you ain’t gonna make it in this weather!” Haha, good night friends.

Always believe, your best days are in front of you! Thank you all for following along.



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