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Day 6: Oregon->Mexico. "Dude, WTF..."

Day 6 Post 1/3:

Thank you for another opportunity to be thankful! So many things could be going wrong in my life but such isn’t the case.

If a small storm is my only challenge for the day, I’ll take it.


Day 6 Post 2/3:

My day will be short, mostly due to the loss of feeling in my left hand. I can barely hold the handlebar, much less pull the brake.

It’s very cold. It’s “beneath the skin” cold. I’ll call it a day. Thanks for the challenge Oregon, I hope to do better tomorrow.


Day 6 Post 3/3:

I stood in the wind for twenty minutes, finding the right words to increase the confidence in my heart. I convinced myself that another fifty miles is possible if done the right way, “one mile at a time!”

Less than two miles into my new found faith, I came over the hill and fixed my eyes on these signs. The highway is closed (for now).

Floods are coming in! Snow is coming in! The tide is passionately aggressive and every patron in a local cafe politely asks “Dude, WTF! Where’s your crew? Have you been watching the news? Are you riding ALONE?”

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