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Day 4/5: Oregon->Mexico. Rest Day + good weather!

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Day 4 Post 1:

Hello friends! I hope peace is with you.

If there is a storm in your life, please graciously and calmly let it take its course. Don’t force the storm.

You will come out on the end that shines the brightest! Always believe, your best days are in front of you! Be appreciative of the opportunities you have and always help others.


Day 5 Post 1/3

I haven’t seen the sun since Friday, December 17. In this very moment, I’m a different person. The warmth from the sun made my body come to life.

I’ve prayed so much for even the slightest and smallest glimmer of light, just to feel my fingers and toes again. Mannnnnn, thank God for this sun today.


Day 5 Post 2/3

At 4:15pm the storm rolled in! Immediately my shoulders became heavy, the wind picked up and the coldness dug a little bit deeper into my skin.

This bike ride is very uncomfortable but it isn’t suffering. It is worthy of building character, strengthening faith, learning to be patient and having the confidence to follow through.

But again, this isn’t suffering. I choose to be here. Have a wonderful evening everyone.


Day 5 Post 3/3

Going through a few clips and realizing how fortunate I am. At some point, my trip will be done. I’ll place my bike on the train and I’ll head back home.

I’m shocked to see many homeless people living in cars or tents, on the coast. I’m like “goddddammmmnnn, I know it’s cold out here! How do you do it?” I hope their journey serves them well!


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