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Day 8: Oregon->Mexico. Icy mess & hole-y tires...

Day 8 post 1/3:

“Do it with the heart!”


Day 8 Post 2/3:

“Yeah I know, you told me so!”


Day 8 Post 3/3:

With every temporary setback, I’m forced to ask strangers for their help. The initial eye to eye introduction isn’t always the most comfortable but I’m sure it’s uncommon to see a man riding his bicycle in this crazy weather.

The first thought might be, “this dude must be crazy!”

We soon find out, the circumstance belongs to me but the meeting was meant to help us both. You’d be surprised the level of comfort that finds its way into a conversation with strangers. Seems like judgment isn’t a factor and everyone can speak their truth.

Today I met three very interesting people and in talking with them, I believed I helped them as much as they helped me.

Here’s to me setting up shop on someone’s porch, hitchhiking and forcing my way into a closed bike shop, lol. I’m grateful for you guys today


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